Jafferji House and Spa is a luxury boutique hotel capturing the romantic history of the spice island of Zanzibar with the best the modern world has to offer.

Located in the heart of Stone Town, it has taken three years to restore this family home to the highest standards sought after by the modern traveler. The hotel’s opulent interior instantly whisks you away to a far away time and place. It allows you to experience the true essence of Zanzibar history, and envisage the splendor of Sultans and merchants of days gone by.

Each piece of furniture, each door, and even the hotel’s carved windows are genuine antiques collected from all over the world. From Morocco to Afghanistan, India to Mozambique, each item evokes a blissful sense of the life of the Sultans who ran a trading empire which encompassed the entire Indian Ocean and often called to port in Zanzibar.