Jafferji House and Spa has been lovingly restored and decorated to serve as a living, breathing museum dedicated to ancient and modern master-pieces. This is apparent from the moment you walk in where an intimate, reception adorned with brass antique ornaments warmly welcomes you. As you pass through the hotel’s many rooms, the beautiful carpets lining the floors are original pieces from Pakistan and Afghanistan and you’ll find stunning necklaces from Oman all along the hotel walls. Similar to those worn by the mysterious PrincessSalme of Zanzibar, they are from the Jafferji family’s private collection which was first started over a century ago.

As you walk through the hotel, you’ll also notice bright and beautiful ceramic plates adorning the walls. Dating back hundreds of years, they were brought on trading ships to Zanzibar by traders from exotic places as far away as Portugal, Holland, China and Japan. Even the hotel’s intricate wooden balcony is an original feature of the house and was hand-crafted from special teak imported from India.

Ask at reception, and one of our staff will be more than happy to give you a special guided tour of the hotel, pointing out its many beautiful pieces and sharing the stories behind them.