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History of the Building

The building was originally built by Walliji Dossaji and family about 100 years ago. It was later bought by Karimjee Jivanjee and then sold to my grandfather, Hassan Bhai Jafferji (and sons). Hassan Bhai Jafferji came to Zanzibar in early 1900, from Kutch, Anjaar. They were merchants in cutlery who then ventured into the hardware business.

Without much money, the late Hassan Bhai Jafferji bought the property in 1960's by paying in installments over three years on the basis of trust. Luckily the family home was not nationalized after the Zanzibar Revolution (1964) and stayed within the Jafferji family.

In 1993 Javed Jafferji established a shop on the ground floor - Zanzibar Gallery – and lived there with his family until in 2007, out of three shares, he bought it. This is when the dream of converting this house into an intimate boutique hotel, fit for future kings, became reality. Now after three years of dedication and restoration, it is now ready to begin a new chapter as Jafferji House & Spa.